The Landmark Forum in Action

The Landmark Forum in Action Series is the second program in Landmark’s four-part Curriculum for Living. This seminar helps people apply the insights and abstractions of The Landmark Forum to the ordinary, immediate concerns of daily life.

The Landmark Forum in Action Series provides a greater depth of understanding of the principles of transformation learned in The Landmark Forum. Additionally, it provides coaching and support for grappling with what is needed to apply those principles powerfully in every area of daily life.

Program Logistics

In this seminar people speak and listen with no-nonsense honesty, responsibility, and commitment to integrity, demanding the best each person has to offer and giving each other support and freedom to express themselves.

The Landmark Forum in Action takes place over 10 evening sessions of 3 hours each. You’ll work on what’s up in front of you – personal projects and objectives as large as you wish – and the means for making things happen. Participation in the Landmark Forum is a prerequisite for this program.


Landmark Forum in Action leaders are accomplished women and men who volunteer their time and talent out of their recognition of and commitment to the value that seminars provide. They are trained intensively for two years to be able to deliver the value of the seminars in people’s lives.

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